Permaculture Design Certification

One weekend a month, for 6 months 

Starts May 27th, 2017   

$200 per month, for all participants


Permaculture with Spirit

Exploring the basic foundation of 3 ethics and 12 principles, as outlined by permaculture’s pioneers, we will weave in our studies of Yogic science as brought forward by Yogananda and the venerable line of Masters that preceded.

Our first principle in permaculture calls on us to become silent and observe our landscape. Simply, “Become the witness consciousness” -Sounds a lot like meditation to me. The first of many connections we will explore in Permaculture With Spirit. An underlying theme that keeps coming back is: That by knowing there are transfers of energy between our Being and that of other sentient Beings, we’re constantly shaping our world through Intention and Will. With this belief, I saw the line of “where we end, and the world begins”, to fade away. We’re nature working, and by aligning ourselves with this harmonious flow that moves through nature, we are able to design lives that are abundant, resilient and more enjoyable. The same force that guides our stars, also grows our plants and nourishes our Being. And so going forward from here, we develop our sense of being-ness. Bringing our innate ability to live synergistic-ally with earth and Her various systems, full circle.

Kale Abundance

We ask that those interested in becoming involved with this program bring an open heart and an open mind towards our projects. Our cultivation will be of the Land, our Spirit and Being. When we tend to the earth and sow seeds, we do so with devotion. Building fertile soil on Earth and within, as we practice introspection. Our amendments will include Love, Faith, Joy, and Creativity as we build upon the, already fertile soil of Yogananda’s beliefs and practices. Together, we will work with the various systems and elements that move throughout our landscapes. Learning how to best utilize local resources to meet our needs and that of our communities. Making appropriate use of our tools as observers and inter-actors, we will design and build earthen systems capable of yielding food, shelter, fuel, fiber, fodder and various elements that go into creating comfortable habitats for ourselves and animals.

Looking forward to having you join and build with us as we serve to demonstrate how, “Many hands, make Light work.”Loayza_2012_233

Interested in our permaculture programs??


About the teacher:

David Schroeder, Permaculture Instructor, Designer, Natural Builder, and Yoga Teacher

David Schroeder, Permaculture Instructor

David Schroeder is a lover of all things natural, and seeks to educate others on how to live closer to nature’s rhythms. It took many years of confusion and cul-de-sac pathways to be led here. Once figured out, he and a friend started Roots: Permaculture. Operating as an advocacy group and educational resource, their mission is to provide examples of what we can do as individuals and communities to live happier, healthier and whole lives. Combined with a magnetic pull toward Yogic science and practice, David aims to combine his passions into a lifestyle that is simple, connected, devoted and full of laughter.


Permaculture provides us with the tools that will help us continue thriving in a future of energy uncertainties. As we have come to depend on fossil fuels to provide for most of our energetic needs, permaculture design seeks alternative methods to develop local, synergistic relationships within ourselves, our communities and throughout our landscapes. By observing nature and the myriad patterns that make up our world, we are able to harmoniously integrate these patterns to provide for our needs of food, shelter, water, clean air, quiet space and social interaction.

Permaculture provides a strong foundation to thrive indefinitely by creating healthy, durable systems designed in mother nature’s likeness.





7 thoughts on “Permaculture

  1. i am interested in your permaculture course sign me up and send me more info on the same.

    1. Hi Jessy,
      Thanks for your e-mail and interest in the program. Permaculture will be an inclusion with natural building and we’re still working out the finer details for next years p/culture segment of our course. So far we plan on setting aside 1.5 days for hands-on activities and classroom study of the various aspects of p/culture and it functions. If you have any specific questions, in regards to the course, feel free to send them my way and i’ll answer to the best of my ability. As I find out more, we’ll be sure to keep you informed. Talk soon


    2. Hey Jessy,

      Our permaculture schedule is finally coming together!! I remember you had expressed some interest earlier and so just wanted to keep you updated. Hope you’re well and please feel free to contact with any further questions.

  2. Hi I’m interested in the permaculture program but the link doesn’t work 😦 how can I figure out the details and sign up!?

    1. Sorry about that. I’ll take a look and see why the link isn’t working. Check back soon.

  3. hi do you have a combination of premacultulture and eco-construction course all combined with practical take home skills. I am looking for hands on experience let me know what is available, timelines and how i can apply for the same.

    1. Hi Jessy,

      This year we do not. In the past it was all part of the same program. We found it was a lot of information, and a big time commitment. We only had one out of 7 students complete the program that year. 6 months is a big commitment. The overwhelming consensus was the it was to much information over a long period of time. And the result showed us that too. This is why we decided to separate the programs and leave it up to each student how much they can or are able to participate on the programs they are interested in.

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