Natural Building Workshops

4 Day Natural Building Workshops

$125 per workshop, or $550 for all 6 workshops if paid up front. Includes camping, NOT FOOD.

Join The Natural Living School in 2018 for any or all of our uniquely focused workshops and classes.  Our workshops are not like normal workshops, that have a starting date and ending date.  They are more of an opportunity for you to join us on the ongoing building process. Its really an opportunity for you to be a fly on the wall, and see how our crew builds natural building to code.  How much you learn is based on your willingness to jump in and get your hands dirty.   Each week, (sometimes longer) we are covering a different phase of the building project.  If you are interested in learning one particular phase, please let us know, and we can give you an estimated time when we will be on that particular phase.  If you have a time frame, when it would work best for you to join us, we can tell you what we will be working on at that particular date.  The emphases of our workshops  this year will be around two natural cottages.   The 1200 sq. ft. natural home will be built in 9 months and we are offering 6 workshops to cover every critical phase of the construction, from foundation to finishes. The 500 sq. ft. natural home will be built in 6 months and we are offering 6 workshops on this building project as well. 

All of your workshop hours will go towards the completion of our natural building certification.  To learn more about the certification process please visit our certification tab


 Natural Building Classes

Natural Building Basics; are classes that can be taken all in a row, or individually depending on the participants time frame.  These classes are not hands on building workshops, but rather courses in a classroom setting, involving more research, hands on drawing & design, and sharing of ideas.  Participants will have to research, develop, design, and present their ideas and concepts to our staff and their peers.  Click here for more details.


2018 Natural Building Workshops 

Contact us for details: 

FIRST TERM WORKSHOPS, $125 per workshop or $550 for all 6 if paid upfront 

Natural Plastering May 2018

Learn the basics of natural plastering including recipes and specifications. Get hands on experience applying plaster and plenty of practice developing muscle memory.

Foundations June 2018. 

Join us and learn the fundamentals of natural foundations. Learn about the rubble trench foundation, earth bag foundation, stone foundations, and proper drainage. Hands on experience is the best way to learn.

Timber harvesting July 2018

Learn how to choose and sustainably harvest trees for natural building. Learn how to use a chain saw, fell, debark, and clean a tree so it cures properly. Learn how to identify trees that are best for building and use an Alaskan Mill to harvest your own dimensional lumber.

Timber framing Workshop August 2018

Learn our unique way to timber frame with round wood. We created a simple system that makes your joinery look clean and beautiful, without 5 to 10 years of training. Our system is for the DIY builder that doesn’t mind using hidden Timber Loks to secure their joinery. Our system has been approved by engineers and the building department.

 Bale Cob wall systems September 2018

Join us and learn how to build with cob and straw bales. This natural wall system combines the best of straw bale building and cob walls. This wall system is easy and fast, and fun for people of all ages.

Cob leveling coat October 2018

Come and learn how to use cob as a leveling coat over straw bales. In this workshop, you will learn how to make our special cob mix for leveling coats, and apply it using hand tossing, slapping, and finishing with a trowel. Its fast, accurate, and very strong. Learn the fundamentals of trowel use and get the feel for plastering.


If you have any questions email us at


Building the Cob bond beam for the Bale-Cob Greenhouse

Building the Cob bond beam for the Bale-Cob Greenhouse



or call


4 thoughts on “Natural Building Workshops

  1. This is very cool stuff! I want to build a cob house in the near future and would love to get my feet wet by attending a workshop. Cant wait!

    1. DJ, this is great and we fully support you in that dream! We’d love to have you join us for one of our workshops. Let’s connect soon, feel free to contact with any questions. Thanks for your input.

  2. Bonnie Castro May 6, 2017 — 7:35 pm

    I am interested in checking out your coarses do they have any finantial assistance name is Bonnie Castro and i live in placerville. You can text me at 530 919-3980 my email is i dont usually pick up the phone on calls i dont recognize

    1. Hi Bonnie, Sorry for the late response. we don’t have any financial aid at this time. But we offer free work parties and workshops for locals. Placerville isn’t that far from us. You can check in with us in March when we post our workshops and work parties. Blessings Pablo

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