Natural Building Basics

Natural Building Basics; are classes that can be taken all in a row, or individually depending on the participants time frame. These classes are not hands on building workshops, but rather courses in a classroom setting, involving more research, hands on drawing and design, and sharing of ideas.  Participants will have to research, develop, design, and present their ideas and concepts to our panel of experts as a final examination.

If you are interested in signing up for all 5 courses the cost is $960

Or $192 per course.

All courses come with tenting, 3 veg. meals a day, and yoga and meditation sessions.


History of Natural Building

History of natural building, architecture, design, and social benefits on their communities. This is a two day course, to help all participants understand the extended history of natural building in cultures around the world. How the architecture has lasted through the centuries and how the design affects their life style, their day to day activities, and the home as part of the work place. Participants will be asked to research and present at the time of the course. Please contact us at for assignment list prior to course date.


Natural Building Techniques

Natural Building Techniques- benefits, environmental impact, energy use, and application. This course helps the participants understand what a natural building is, its components, the global benefits, the environmental impact, and minimization of manufactured materials used in the construction of a natural building. We will compare this kind of structure to a conventional home and compare it to a “green building.” We will go over all the different techniques in natural building and learn when these techniques are applicable. We will get our hands dirty so bring a change of clothes. Participants will be asked to research, and present at the time of the course. Please contact us at for assignment list prior to course date.


Design- From Concept to Practice

Design- From concept to practice, sustainability, understanding the home and your site. Using the principles of sustainable design, participants will have the opportunity to come up with their own design for a home they wish to live in. Using passive solar principles, the participant will get a greater understanding of where to locate their structures in different climates around the world. The participants will get to make a cob model of the dwelling to take home. Participants should bring a laptop computer and have the free trial version of Google Sketchup downloaded. Participants should have gone through the Google Sketchup tutorials to gain a basic understanding of how it works. Please contact us at for assignment list prior to course date.


Structural Design

Structural Design- Understanding your materials and creating an ideal structure for your climate. Participants will get a general understanding of structural engineering. The participants will learn how to read drawings submitted by an engineer and understand the language used by engineers, architects, and contractors. The participants will also learn what natural structures are more suited for certain climates, including how to assure a safe building in earthquake country, fire danger areas, flood danger areas, high elevation areas, and in areas with severe wind. Please contact us at for assignment list prior to course date.


Tools of Natural Building

Tools of Natural Building- Understanding how to use your tools safely and efficiently. The participant in this course will get hands on experience using different construction tools. They will get a greater understanding of how to use the tools safely and more efficiently. Here are a few of the tools the participants will get to work with- hammer, tape measurer, square, chalk line, plumb bob, level, chisels, plane, and hand saw. Also participants will work with power tools like the skill saw, chop saw, table saw, and chain saw. Participants will learn how to fell a tree and prepare it for roundwood timber framing. During this workshop, we will construct a small tool shed. Please contact us at for assignment list prier to course date.

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