Our Team

Pablo Loayza 

Founder of the Natural Living School

Pablo Loayza is a designer, builder, and developer at the Natural Living Design & Build LLC, and Founder of the Natural Living School.

He was introduced to Natural building in 2010, when he studied at the Cob Cottage Company (CCC) with Ianto Evens, and Linda Smily, as well as with several other amazing Natural builders that teach at CCC.  Coming from a background in construction and finance, he was motivated to find a way to bring natural building into the main stream.  He felt that if people knew how unhealthy their building are, and realized that natural building to code is a possibility, that people would choose Natural building over conventional construction.  So he dove deep into researching all the possible ways to use the current building codes with natural materials.  What came from his research and development, is now changing the way buildings are constructed.  The simplest explanation is that, his building systems, are based on two main principles.  One, use whats available in the area where the building is constructed.  Two, build it in the way that uses the least amount of resources and produces the least amount of waste.  Working with the county, and engineers, his building systems are easy to construct, and use a lot of the same building techniques as conventional building, to help lower cost and speed up the building process.

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