Muddy Buddy Builder

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Muddy Buddy playing and building, Yes it can be both!
Muddy Buddy playing and building, Yes it can be both!

Muddy Buddy Builders!

Cob building for Kids


The “Muddy Buddy Builders” is a program for children and families, that teaches natural building in a fun and accessible way.  Here, children can learn how to build small structures with local earthen material, play nature games, increase their relationship with the natural world, and form connections with each other.  Kids love playing in the dirt, creating mud pies, and building forts. Through direct participation kids will develop this natural inclination to build with mud. They will learn to create actual model homes and villages, as well as other small structures; play houses, cob ovens, and whatever else the child can imagine.


Oliver cleaning Rocks
Oliver cleaning Rocks


Program Descriptions

In all program sessions, children will learn how to make cob and adobe bricks. They will learn the “cob dance,” usually done barefoot but not a requirement. Be sure to wear clothes and shoes that can get muddy and stained! We will also be playing some nature based games to awaken our awareness of the natural beauty around us. Basic yoga postures will be practiced to balance our minds and stretch out our cob muscles.  






Model Home

Session 1   June 16- 20  9 AM – 12 PM

For girls and boys ages 10- 14. Make your own house for dolls and action figures! Castles, dollhouses, model “hobbit” houses, model pirate ships and whatever else you can imagine!

Cob Village

Session 2  July 14- 18 9 AM- 12 PM

For girls and boys ages 10- 14. Create a tiny cob village! We will discuss what it means to live in a community and what structures are needed for a successful village. Children will design and create different buildings for our collective tiny cob town. 

Cob Playhouse

Session 3 July 21- 259 AM- 12 PM

Session 4 August 4- 89 AM- 12 PM 

Come help build a cob play house at the local preschool! This family camp is for children and adults of all ages! Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult (adults come for free). Learn to create a playhouse that you can replicate in your own back yard! 

What to bring

Snack, clothes and shoes that can get muddy and stained, a change of clothes or if you’d like, something to protect the car seat/floor on the way home, sun block, and hat.

Yes you can eat it, but its not that good


$100/ week – 3 hours a day for 5 days (adults free) 

Get great discounts if you sign up for more than one program!

Come to 2 programs for only $150 total.

Come to 3 programs for only $175 total.

Come to 4 programs for only $200 total.



Location & Contact

Ananda Village- Living Wisdom School- 14618 Tyler Foote Rd, Nevada City CA 95959       Pablo 530-277-8127


4 Replies to “Muddy Buddy Builder”

  1. Hi Pablo, is it possible that my grandaaughter & I can come and see this program when it starts and then decided about joining. I know that is a difficulty, however she is 15 and feels it is too young for her. Maybe she would change her mind. What time of day are the sessions? Perhaps she could make a video and written documentory or such for her school reports. Just brainstorming. She will be here visiting during the time.Blessings, Dayavati

    1. Hi Dayavati, I think it would be better for her to join our on going work/study program. She is old enough to really understand and be part of our grown up programs. When will she be around? It would be great to have her write or video while she is here. We can put it on the web site too.

  2. i live in a nature reserve and built an adobe brick/cob one roomed home. Im looking for a self-sufficient spiritual community to join, living as one with nature, free of money. do you have any communities like this?

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