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Our focus for this season is to provide a safe space to explore identities as creators while developing skills that promote greater sovereignty and self reliance.  In the spirit of supporting natural builders we have created a program that highlights the voices of local Northern Californians in the building industry. Our internship focuses on empowerment through a wide range of building modalities — we are offering an internship that we have never seen before!


This program is for participants who would like to join the Natural Living School for 3 months which would contribute to the hours necessary to obtain a paid position as an Apprentice with the Natural Living Design Build team.  The Interns are asked to commit to 3 months of learning; theory and hands on building. Participants are encouraged to apply for a position after completing the internship program. We welcome applicants from all walks of life with.  Prior building experience is not required.

Accommodations and Food:  Participants are responsible for their own food during their stay in the program.  To help support your food needs we offer the opportunity to volunteer on Saturday with a local organic farm to receive a CSA box. We support community meal planning and communal food prep, this is an option available upon community consensus. Space to camp will be available at a location to be determined by the building project. This will be an outdoor living space, you will be responsible for bringing your own camping gear and whatever you may need to be to be comfortable living outdoors. We will provide a community kitchen equipped with all the basics. For those who are uncomfortable living outdoors we can support you in finding a nearby space to rent if needed.

Description: The Natural Living School internship artfully combines hands on learning, classroom instruction and practical building experience to create a well rounded educational experience for all of our Interns! Participants will work alongside the Intern Facilitator gaining hands on building experience creating beautiful projects. The scope of our building projects will be determined by a co-creation between clients, facilitators and students. One day a week will focus on lecture, discussion and question & answer session with experienced Lead Instructor, Amanda Fischer. Our classroom time will also include local teachers from our surrounding area. In summary interns can expect to spend 4 days a week working on a structure with experienced Natural Builders and the Intern Facilitator and one day a week in class!

Each morning we hold ritual space before embarking on the day’s adventure, tuning in and giving thanks for the elements we build with. In order to take care of our bodies we have yoga/ intentional movement class offered 3 times a week. We will also engage in skill sharing, community roundtable discussions and community adventures! As a community we are a collective of folks interested permaculture, earth based spiritual traditions, social/environmental justice, spirituality and empowerment and we wish to share these parts of our lives with you all!

About the Project Land: Frolic is a combination of many micro~climates dancing together on 20 acres. It’s surrounded by other big properties and very friendly neighbors withHorses, goats, dogs, alpacas and lots of wildlife cruises through and sometimes calls Frolic home. Bears, Foxes, owls, hawks, hummingbirds, Jays, coyotes. The terrain is a mix of overgrown manzanita thickets, Oaks, Ponderosa & Sugar Pines up top of the property. As the hill slopes down to the pond there is an old wild orchard of apples, and pears. Blackberries, cherry plums, and  grapes grow wild along the creek and swampy areas. There is a big 4 acre pond for enjoying & swimming shared with my neighbors. There are compost toilets set up and the power totally offgrid on Solar. The terrain is hard on bare feet so bring foot protection. I’m a barefoot person but it’s not been good on this property for me to keep trying that 😉

Our Program host, Matia is wanting a small earthen structure to bless this land and is very excited to have many hands bring it to life. She has always wanted to see small functional structures on frolic and has had a dream of an Art Farm where permaculture, natural building and creative expression get to play.

Matia envisions community on this land and collaboration taking many shapes.

Exchange: The $600 intern fee per month includes; 32 hours of guided hands on building each week, 8 hours of theory & discussion weekly, the option to participate in community outreach events and in a natural building workshop which will take place during the 3 month internship. Our fee also includes yoga/movement classes offered weekly and optional rituals to connect more deeply to ourselves, each other and this world.

Prerequisites: Participants should be at least 18 years of age, in good health with health insurance. Applicants should have the funds to pay for the full tuition and are encouraged to  have extra spending money saved up. We ask that Students refrain from drug use and drinking alcohol while at work. Participants do not need any building experience! We require that applicants have their own personal health insurance

We encourage our interns to understand that we live in community, we are relating to each other deeply and this requires that we take care of ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. In order to participate in the internship we ask that you are willing to engage in mindful communication, creative problem solving and agree to our community code of conduct which will be created by all of us. The art of building is labor intensive and can be mentally demanding and while we honor your body’s needs we also have much to accomplish together! Interns must be willing to engage in the daily physical labor and empower themselves in a range of new activities. We expect our interns to be present during the internship, commiting to showing up on time, having a good attitude and being able approach conflicts in a mature way. Our interns are expected to be flexible, adaptable and able to receive direction and feedback. If you have conditions that limit your physical capacities please inform us and we will do our best to support you. If you are challenged with a dependency on substances like alcohol and marijuana, please do not apply. Do not come to our program to quit a substance, or to change your habits. Be ready, change may happen in your life through the alchemy of building!

Terms of agreement: Interns are asked to submit an application.  The applications will be reviewed and notices will be sent if there are spots still available in the program.  Once accepted a $450 nonrefundable deposit will need to be received to hold your spot in the program. Your spot will not be reserved until the deposit is received. We have a limit of 8 positions available to ensure that there is a supportive learning environment for everyone. We wish to have deep commitment from those participating with us.  The remaining balance of $1,350 for the program should be received by June 21, 2019. If you would like to set up a payment plan please contact us. The program starts July 1, 2019 and participants are asked to arrive the weekend before to settle in.  The intern program will end on September 20th, participants are asked to depart by September 22nd.

If at any point you are unhappy with the program, please consult with the Intern Facilitator or Director of the School.  We support and appreciate your feedback as it supports our growth as a team. If you would like to leave the program you can receive a refund of 50% of the program fee if you leave within the first two weeks.  After July 15, 2019 no refund will be given. The facilitators of the intern program reserve the right to ask participants to depart at any time if behavior warrants dismissal.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, we look forward to reviewing your application. Contact email:

Phone number: 530-459-8512

Email us at with any questions and to receive a downloadable application or click Apply Now below.

Apply Now! 

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