General Natural Builder Certification

  • 12 month certification, or 1,920 working hours. With 960 hours in natural building and 960 hours in conventional building.
  • Prerequisites: The apprentice program equal to 1,440 hours, with at least 720 hours in natural building and 720 hours in conventional building. The journeyman program equal to 1,920 hours, with at least 960 hours in natural building and 960 hours in conventional building. The Foreman program equal to 1,920 working hours. With 960 hours in natural building and 960 hours in conventional building.
  • Total cost for the General NB program is $300 a month. Does not include food or accommodations. Total cost is $3,600. A $1,000 none refundable deposit will be due after you have been accepted into the program to hold your spot for up to one year. The remaining balance of $2,600 will be due after the 30 day trial period from the start of the semester. After the 30 days the total tuition is non-refundable. Participants can be expelled from the program with no refunds. Please read the “before you apply” page to assure our program is a right fit for you. A payment plan is available with the $1,000 deposit when accepted to the program, and monthly payments of $220 a month for the 12 months of the program.
  • If participants are accepted into the General NB program, they will start at $25 an hour, with the possibility to increase up to $30 an hour, depending on their skill level and work ethic.

Description:  Once the Foreman Certification is complete, and the participant has been accepted into the General Natural Builder Certification, the student will continue to work directly under a General Natural Builder learning the trade.   They will learn all the responsibilities of running a project from beginning to end under the direct supervision of the General Natural Builder and the Master Builder. The participant in this program will need to continue to master all the trades. They will work directly with the foundation crew, the carpenters, the plumber, the electrician, the plaster crew, the roofers, and the Master Builder. They will  continue to master the art of plastering and natural finishes. They will also be responsible for 3D and 2D plans for their project. They will learn to work with the client and estimate job expenses, as well as manage bills and payroll. They will learn to manage sub-contractors, and ensure all tradesmen are on schedule and on budget. They will have all the responsibilities of a GC but still work directly under the General Contractor.  

They will have the opportunity to co-run a job with the Master Natural Builder, and be in charge of the completion of that job. The participants will need to master the skill of drawing and design so that plans can be produced and used to submit to the county.  They will need to understand how to run, manage, and develop a project from beginning to end. This includes all finishes. The participant will need to work with clients, to develop an estimate, and run a budget for the job. The participants will have a written test, an oral exam, and present complete plans for a project. They will also need to have completed two projects from beginning to end.

Accommodations and Food: Participants are responsible for finding their own accommodations and responsible for their own meals during their stay in the program.  There may be camping available on the land where we are building, but this is case by case. Other Prerequisites: 18 years of age, in good health, with health insurance. Have the funds to pay for the full Journeyman Certification, plus have extra spending money.  Be able to pass a drug test. Be willing to refrain from drug use and drink alcohol while at work.


For more information please contact us at: or call 530-277-8127

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