Economic Hardship

The Natural Living School believes that everyone has the right to build their own home. Through our programs we are trying to make this possible.  We understand that even $400 per month can be a stretch, especially if you are on food stamps and/or on government assistance.  We want to make our programs available to anybody, families with kids, single parents, or just people with very little money.  

So if you are on government assistance please contact us, we will try to make it work for you.

or call 530-277-8127


2 thoughts on “Economic Hardship

  1. Hello. I am on food stamps and Social Security and I would love to come attend classes. I have been interested in natural building for a while now and have recently been researching classes but I am afraid I don’t have the funds necessary to complete a workshop. What can I do? Thank you.

    • Hi Anna, thank you for your comment. The first step for you should be to email us at Let me know of your circumstance, and let me know what is the minimum you can afford to contribute towards your education. Also ask for an application, and let me know which program you are interested in. Thanks again for contacting us. I look forward to having you join our school. blessings Pablo

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