The Natural Living Design & Build” team is a full service design, build, and consultation company.   We not only help our clients conceptualize beautiful designs for their homes and structures, we also guide them every step of the way.  We help manifest their dream of building a sustainable, one of a kind natural cottage that are works of art.



The Natural Living Design & Build team acts as a consultant to the home owner which pulls the permits as owner built.  We helps in the design, blue prints, and budget for the project.  We line out the subcontractors and volunteer, to create a professional and educational environment for the project.  The home owner will need to have new construction building insurance, workers compensation, and pay payroll taxes for any employee working under the home owner without a contractors license.  We can help manage these tasks, and work directly under the homeowner as a project manager.  The Natural Living Design & Build team, will make sure all participants and builders are insured, licensed, and bonded.   


We work with licensed contractors that have an extensive amount of experience in natural building, conventional construction, and remodeling.    The Natural Living Design & Build team, has developed a unique way to build natural architecture, capable of passing county and state building codes.  Our many years of experience working with engineers and building officials have given us the assurance needed to help home owners realize their aspirations of living in a beautiful natural structure in main stream America.

The Natural Living Design & Build team, will provide you with a full set of blue prints custom to your specifications.  We will have the plans engineered and ready for you to present to your county’s building department.  We will work with you to create a budget, and act as your building manager for every step of the way in the construction of the natural structure.



Our buildings are constructed to be self-sufficient, utilizing passive solar heating and solar power, harvesting rain water, and can be designed with a permaculture garden around the home for self-sustainability.  If the homeowner has the land space and the desire, we can also create a Woofers camp, with an outdoor kitchen, shower house, and composting toilets, to help the homeowner with spring, summer, and fall gardening.  Our designs can be expanded into creating a homestead, and even an eco-village.


There is no project too big or too small, because the Natural Living Design & Build team is partnered up with the Natural Living School, and we are looking for ways to share these beautiful techniques with the intern program, workshop participants and our community.  Every project will have a crew of experienced builders consisting of apprentices, journeymen, foremen and project managers.  The students of the intern program will have the option of joining the job site as needed.  They work alongside the staff helping keep things organized and making sure everything is running smoothly. 



The Intern’s with the Natural Living School, will join the design and build team one day a week.  On these day’s the intern’s will work with the Journeymen in charge of them, helping clean, organize, and support the staff onsite.  There is a daily contribution for their weekly participation that will go towards supporting the school.  This monatary amount will be predetermined and explain in greater detail in the budget breakdown of the project.   


For more information, read the “Cost” tab, and the “Step 1”, and “Step 2-5” tabs.


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