Cost to Build

Each project is custom and will require an extensive budgeting analysis to generate accurate cost estimates based on specific project design.  In general, the cost of our structures range from $180 to $350 per square foot.  The estimate of $180 per square foot does not include finishes such as: light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, cabinets,  counter tops, flooring, tile, windows, roofing, roofing insulation, or finish plastering. It also does not include engineering, blue prints, septic, PG&E or solar power, earthworks, or fire sprinkler engineering and installation.  It is to hard to estimate these variable expenses on a per square foot price. Clients can choose inexpensive products or high end products. Each plan requires engineering and energy calculations, fire sprinklers, and earthworks. Estimates for septic, PG&E and solar vary greatly county by county. The $180 price per square foot covers the following items:  Rubble trench foundation, concrete stem wall, framing, sheathing the roof, rough electrical, rough plumbing, wall insulation systems, leveling coat and scratch coat plaster for the exterior and interior.

The square foot price can go up or down depending on the finishes chosen (windows, cabinets, flooring, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, etc.) in most cases not exceeding $240 per square foot for mid range finishes and up to $350 per square foot for high end finishes.  This price is comparable to the cost of conventional buildings. Our natural structures are sustainably built, have high insulation values, are more fire resistant and a healthier alternative for generations to come.