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  1. Hi Pablo, and Lauren. My name is Wesley Jobe. I have been researching all types of apprenticeships for natural building, and this one offered here seems to be the best fit for me. I have always dreamed of living in a small community in harmony with nature, and am always looking to learn new things, and really want to be a part of the positive change in this world. To innovate and work together with like-minded people to help our future generations understand the true value and beauty of the simplest way of living. I can think of nothing I am better suited for, and would offer the utmost devotion to everything you have to teach. In hopes that I can also teach others these amazing things such as natural building, meditation, yoga, permaculture, and closed energy loop ways of living. Hopefully I am not too late to apply for this, as I read there is only 4 spots available. Maybe you could even make room for just one more? Please let me know how I can make it there, and when.

  2. I am doing a project for my own blog about people making the world a better place through various projects and lifestyles. I am emailing you because I think you fit in with my project. If you wouldn’t mind answering 4 questions for me, please email me at and I’ll send you the interview. My blog is if you would like to check it out before you respond. Thanks for your time! Sarah

  3. Dear Pablo and Lauren, I already have my PDC certificate but I am looking to bolster it with a Natural Building course in Costa Rica. Can you please let me know the start dates of your next course.

    All the best,

    1. Hi Stef, Sorry for the late response. We are actively looking for our next costa rica project. But at this time we have nothing going on there. I’ll post it in our workshop section, and on our social media pages to let everyone know when it happen’s again. blessings Pablo

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