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Certifications in Natural Building

The Natural Living Design & Build team will only be accepting participants who are interested in completing any or all the certification programs we have to offer.  The courses are extremely intensive and only prospective students that are truly interested in making a career in the field of natural building or permaculture should apply.  Students need to understand that the level of commitment to the school, classes, and grueling schedule are for those with a high level of discipline, commitment, and energy. With full commitment, participants should be willing to not only work full time on the job site but also be eager to independently learn outside of work with recommended reading and learning opportunities.  

Applicants have five options to choose from depending on the level of experience they are interested in receiving, and what level of training they would like to achieve, see below for the most basic training up to the highest levels.   Click on each certification to learn more.


“Apprenticeship Certification in Natural Building” – 24 months certification *Prerequisites:  3 month minimum internship or equivalent related to natural building.

“Journeyman Certification in Natural Building” – 48 months certification*Prerequisites:  24 months as an Apprentice.  1 year in Natural Building and 1 year in conventional building, or equivalent  experience.

“Foreman Certification in Natural Building” – 24 month certification*Prerequisites: 24 months as an Apprentice, training to be a Journeyman,48 months as a Journeyman, training to be a Foreman

“General Natural Builder Certification” – 24 month certification*  Prerequisites: 24 months as an Apprentice, 48 months as a Journeyman,24 months as a Foreman,


“Master Natural Builder Certification”– 24 month certification *  Prerequisites: 24 months as an Apprentice, 48 months as a Journeyman, 24 months as a Foreman, To find out more about our Natural Building Certification please contact us at or call 530-277-8127

6 thoughts on “Join The Team

  1. Interested in learning more about the program.

  2. I would like more information on the certification program when it comes to the amount of classes required for certification. I am also curious about the time frame for which this certification could be done, either a over a constant time frame, class to class, etc. Lastly, the expense of the certification and any other information I may have missed and is not on the website.

  3. Hi,
    My wife and I are interested in your natural building program. We live in Panama and plan to build natural homes here. we’d be very happy to learn more about your upcoming workshops and certification program in natural building as well as permaculture.

    1. Hi Daniel, email me at I’ll send you an application. Blessings, Pablo

  4. Is that Programm just based on carlifornia or also in other countries ?

    1. As of now, our projects for 2018 are in CA, but what you learn can be applied to buildings in any country. Depending on weather, humidity, and natural disasters.

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