Before Building



Now that you have completed the questionnaire we invite you to meet with us.  In this discussion, we hope to narrow in on what you wish to manifest and how we can best serve you.


Deposit Agreement

After you had a chance to meet with us, check our references, and possibly visit some of our built structures.  The next step is signing a deposit agreement thus locking in your project. The $3000 deposit will cover initial design consultations, construction drawings to be submitted to the engineer, corrections required by the engineer and a custom information packet for construction phase development.

Once the plans have been submitted to the engineers, they will give us an estimate.  We have engineers that we work with who understand our unique methods of building. Engineers typically require two payments; 50% down, and the other 50% upon completion.  The engineer usually has recommendations and changes to the drawings. After these corrections are completed and submitted, they will stamp the plans and send us their calculations.  The plans are then ready to be submitted to the building department.  



We will present you with a construction contract that will carry you through to finished home.  Covering in detail the scope of the construction, clearly stating what aspects of the building project will be handled by the owner and by the Natural Living Design & Build team.  As the project manager, we reserve the right to use our subcontractors to complete portions of projects. Contracts will cover; building schedules, budgets, payment schedule and initial subcontractor bids. We personalize each of our contracts with clients, working with you to ensure that needs are met and communication is clear.   


County Submittal

After the contract is negotiated and signed, we will move forward with submitting the plans.  The county will review the plans and usually require several corrections. These corrections will be billed at $80 per hour and completed as fast as possible.  

When the $3,000 initial deposit has been exhausted the remaining scope of work will be billed at $80 an hour.

Cob Cottage Company – Laughing Heart Kitchen


Time to Build!

Once the building permit is opened, we will be ready to follow the estimated budget.  This budget will be used to follow the work flow of each building phase.  Before each phase of the construction process begins, the Natural Living Design & Build Team will require a 50% deposit of each building phase, to secure materials and pay the sub-contractor’s deposits.  If this deposit is exhausted, the remaining balance will be due.  As stated in the deposit agreement, the home owner will receive a detailed expense report every two weeks.  If the estimate is low, the balance will be added to the proceeding bill, or if there is a credit, it will be deducted from the next phase.  This deposit will be required before work can begin. 

We really appreciate the opportunity to work with you.  We look forward to hearing back from you soon.

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