The Natural Living School, is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, it is a place where people can come and gain the experience and confidence they need to simplify their lives, learn to live in balance with nature, and to feed their spirits.  Our participants learn how to construct naturally built projects that promote nature based designs, permaculture practices, self sufficiency, and experience the art of natural living.  The school is a drug and substance free atmosphere. 

Living With Spirit Group Working on Bale-Cob Shop
Living With Spirit Group Working on Bale-Cob Shop

The school provides hands on educational programs that work with clients to construct various projects. This educational structure provides clients with education programs on their land while building a structure of their dreams. It also gives participants the hands on learning necessary to retain the knowledge to support these empowering skills. This creates a community setting that is mutually benefit for clients and participants. Programs range between 3 month long internship programs, week long workshops, 3 day workshops to 1 day community offered classes.
If you are interested in supporting an educational program on your land, visit our support page for more information.

History of the Natural Living School

Pablo & Lauren Loayza – Designers, Builders and Founders of the Natural Living School

In the joys and challenges of raising a family, Pablo & Lauren were faced with the struggle of meeting their economic needs and still having a healthy life and healthy family.  In order to ease the burden they chose to simplify their lives and wished to share their experiences and help others do the same. They wanted to create programs to educate on how to create affordable housing for communities of people striving to live simply, in balance with nature and spirit.

Lauren holding Solis, next to Oliver, then Pablo and Esme

During the summer of 2010 they were blessed with the opportunity to study and apprentice with the Cob Cottage Company, one of the original natural building schools in the country.  They were deeply touched from their first moments at the Cob Cottage Company when they encountered a sign in the path that read “There are two ways to get rich, you can make more money or you can require less.”  Studying with Ianto and Linda and the many other talented natural builders that pass through CCC taught them invaluable lessons about natural building and simple living.

When they moved to Ananda Village they were able to put all of these practices together; yoga, meditation, natural building, permaculture and sustainable living.  Pablo & Lauren started the school to help others enjoy the holistic benefits of combining these practices under one natural roof. The result has been 6 wonderful years of amazing experiences and many beautiful souls that have joined on this quest.  They have also come to understand that natural building is not just a way of building, it is a way of life!


One of the school’s main supporters is the Natural Living Design & Build a full service construction and consultation company.  We help homeowners manifest their dream of building and living in a natural home constructed to code.  If you are interested in our services or to apply for a position on their team please visit www.naturalbuildingtocode.com  

12 Replies to “About”

  1. Hello Pablo, Lauren and Family!
    Congratulations! We at Cob Cottage Company are so very happy to see you doing such great works. What beautiful buildings and a beautiful life you are living. Miss you. Do stay in touch and keep up the great work!
    Ianto, Linda and Tammy at CCC

    1. Hi Tammy,

      Great to here from you. I’m sorry we haven’t been keeping in touch. It’s been a crazy few years since we left. But as you can see, CCC has been life changing. Please Tell Ianto and Linda that thanks to them we are on our way to change the world one Cober at a time. We miss you too, and we will keep in touch. Let us know if you need anything form us. Blessings and much Love. From Pablo, Lauren, and Family.

  2. Hello. I am very interested in building a cob house (600-700 sq. ft) in the very near future. I am currently renting in Grass Valley with the intention of purchasing land here. I would be very interested in costs to host a workshop to achieve this long time dream. Also, do you know the viability of this (permits required, etc.) in Nevada County? I understand the CRI at Berkeley has made great progress in getting this sustainable building process accepted, county code wise. Thank you!

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