Lime Plaster Workshop

Oct. 11-15

$500 for 5 days if register after Oct. 1st. $400 early registration. Includes 3 Meals a Day. Daily Yoga and Meditation, and Natural Building Classes. Located in Paradise CA.

4 Replies to “Lime Plaster Workshop”

  1. Hello and good morning, Thank you for the information about the class. I am interested and would like to know about lodging and I will need to fly in. Is there transportation to get to you as well? Thank you again.  Kind regards,Gennifer

    1. I’m so sorry that I missed your comment. There is a place for camping. You will need to bring your tent, and sleeping stuff. We can pick you up from the airport if you fly into Sacramento. Or you can take a bus to Paradise, and we can pick you up from there. Let me know.

  2. Hi Pablo,There is a facebook group called:  Talking Natural Homes – this is a forum for people wanting to learn all manner of natural building tricks and tips.  You may want to contribute to this and it may be an in for your programs also. The purpose of this group is to discuss natural building materials, methods and architecture.A general overriding rule is: Be positive about the good things, not negative about the bad.Read the group’s etiquette at Read the group’s scope at building events should be posted in the group via In Masters Light,Jackie

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