2021 Building Season

During the Spring of 2021 we will be finishing a 900 square foot straw bale home with a loft, in Paradise CA. We will be working on exterior leveling coat, scratch coat plaster, finish plaster, and installation of light fixtures, and plumbing fixtures.

After the Paradise Project we will be building a small cabin in Sacramento CA. This structure will be designed in a way for anyone interested in natural building could duplicate. We will be paring this building along side our online natural building workshop. We will also host workshops for every phase of the project, giving everyone a change to learn about foundations, framing, roof framing, straw bale in fill, leveling coats, scratch coat plaster, and finish plaster. We will also document the electrical process for our online students. To learn more about this, please contact us via email at: info@naturalbuildingtocode.com

After the Paradise project we will start construction on the combo garage / greenhouse with an apartment above the garage. All these projects will be built to code and will use conventional building techniques along with natural building techniques.

The 1500 sq. ft. greenhouse, 900 sq. ft. garage, and the 900 sq. ft. apartment above the garage will be built using natural materials such as sustainably cut cedar, local rice straw bales, local clay, sand, and other natural materials. In this project participants will have the opportunity to learn about natural geothermal ventilation systems that can be used to heat and cool the greenhouse using minimal solar power. They will learn how build roof trusses to support snow and wind loads. The greenhouse will be plastered with lime on the inside and out to protect the straw bales and the cob.

Participants joining us on these projects will have the opportunity to see the whole construction process, from foundation to finishes, depending on when you join us. Other learning opportunities include volunteer days and monthly workshops. We will also be offering an online course that details the entire construction process, a great option if you can’t join one of our onsite programs. The online courses can also be paired with our monthly workshops to create a cohesive learning experience.

We are excited to offer many opportunities for learning natural building, for those with or without building experience. To find a program that fits your experience level and availability visit our programs page. Join us to learn everything you need to know about building a natural structure to code.

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